FBI, DOJ Briefing on Capitol Riot – Summary

Georgia Senate Runoff Election
  • Opened over 170 case files in just 6 days – “just a tip of the iceberg”
  • Received over 100,000 pieces of digital media – “continue to ask for more, call FBI”
  • Call in tips to 800-CALL-FBI, or fbi.gov/uscapitol
  • “FBI has a long memory and a broad reach. Agents and our partners are on the streets investigating leads not only here in the D.C. area, but also across the country through the FBI’s 56 field offices. So even if you’ve left D.C., agents from of our local offices will be knocking on your door.” 
  • The Metropolitan Police Department arrested Enrique Tarrio the night before the rally. Other individuals were identified in other parts of the country and their travel subsequently disrupted
  • Thousands of witnesses, hundreds of potential cases, long term investigations
  • Already charged over 70 cases
  • Looking at every possible criminal conduct – theft of mail to felony murder – “range of criminal conduct is unmatched”
  • Expect more serious indictments against some already charged
  • Looking at significant felony cases tied to sedition and conspiracy
  • Those who planted bombs will be charged & found

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