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Virginia Toll Roads (2023)

Toll Roads in Northern Virginia

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The convenient network of toll roads in Northern Virginia provides critical alternate routes for commuters. With seven toll lanes in operation, understanding how tolling works is necessary. In this article, we’ll look at each toll road’s details, tolling hours, HOV regulations, and payment options. I hope this helps you navigate the complexities of the Northern Virginia toll system.

Northern Virginia Express Lanes / Toll Roads – Overview

Pay MethodsHOVCustomer Service
66 OutsideDynamicE-ZPassHOV 3833-643-2867
66 InsideDynamicE-ZPassHOV 3800-367-7623
495DynamicE-ZPassHOV 3855-495-9777
395DynamicE-ZPassHOV 3855-495-9777
95DynamicE-ZPassHOV 3855-495-9777
Dulles$4 – $5.60E-ZPassHOV 2888-860-9361
Credit Card

Toll Fees, Rates & Payments

The toll fees for Route 66, inside and outside express lanes, 495, 395, and 95 are dynamically calculated. There should be no surprises since the toll fees are clearly displayed on the screen. The Dulles Toll and the Greenway have different rates.

2023 Toll Rates for the Dulles Toll Road

Vehicle ClassMain Line PlazaRamps
E-ZPass RatePay-by-Plate RateE-ZPass RatePay-by-Plate Rate
6 or more $11.75$13.35$5.50$7.10
2023 Rate Table for the Dulles Toll Road

2023 Toll Rates for the Dulles Greenway

The table below is for 2-axle vehicles only. For other axles, please use the toll calculator. For 2-axle vehicles, the toll rates are between $4.10 to $5.25 as shown below.

Leesburg BypassBattlefield PkwyShreve Mill RdBelmont Ridge Claiborne PkwyRyan RdLoudoun County PkwyOx RdDulles AirportMainline Plaza
Leesburg BypassFree$4.10$4.55$4.55$4.55$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Battlefield PkwyFree$4.10$4.55$4.55$4.55$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Shreve Mill Rd$4.10$4.10$4.55$4.55$4.55$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Belmont Ridge$4.55$4.55$4.55$4.55$4.55$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Claiborne Pkwy$4.55$4.55$4.55$4.55$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Ryan Rd$4.55$4.55$4.55$4.55$4.55$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Loudoun County Pkwy$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Ox Rd$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Dulles Airport$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Mainline Plaza$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25$5.25
Dulles Greenway Toll Rates 2023

How to Pay Tolls in Virginia?

All Express Lanes in Northern Virginia use E-ZPass and E-ZPass Flex electronic toll payments. You can order a transponder online at E-ZPass’s website.

You can also buy an E-ZPass transponder by visiting a customer service center or retail stores: Giant, Wegmans, AAA, DMVs and many more locations. You can also set up an auto-replenishment option for your E-ZPass account for more convenience. Before using the Express Lanes, familiarize yourself with the toll rates and payment methods.

What Happens if You Miss a Toll?

You will receive an invoice at your address if you miss a toll. Just follow the instructions on the invoice to pay the missed toll. Just remember that several different entities operate the toll roads in Virginia. You will receive an invoice from one of these entities. They will be sent to a contracted collection company if you don’t pay the bill.

Toll Violation

If you fail to pay the toll on any toll roads in Virginia, you will receive a violation notice in the mail. A typical violation letter will include the toll amount, administrative fee, and instructions on how to pay or dispute the toll violation. You need to take care of it promptly to avoid penalties.

There are many violation scenarios.

  1. Driving on Express Lanes without an E-ZPass
    • Depending on the toll facility, you will receive a toll invoice or a violation notice.
  2. Driving on Express Lanes with E-ZPass, but no funds
    • E-ZPass will send you an alert for low funds. Auto replenishment is recommended.
  3. HOV 3 violation
    • Using Express Lanes with HOV 3 switch on without three passengers will result in a heavy fine.
      • First offense: $125
      • Second offense: $250 + three points on your driving record
      • Third offense: $500 + three points on your driving record
      • Fourth offense: $1,000 + plus three points on your driving record

Toll Roads in Northern Virginia

66 Express Lanes – Outside the Beltway

66 Express Outside the Beltway provides two express lanes from Gainesville to the Capital Beltway (I-495). Express lanes are dynamically tolled. Every toll gate should have a toll fee display. You will need an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex to access the toll roads. If you are using HOV-3 lane, you must have E-ZPass Flex. E-ZPass Flex holders can use the express lanes for free with three passengers (1 driver, 2 passengers).

66 Express Lanes – Inside the Beltway

66 Express Inside the Beltway spans from I-495 to Route 29 in Rosslyn. Unlike the Outside the Beltway Express, there are no dedicated express lanes inside the Beltway. The lanes become tolled at certain hours instead.

Hours of operation

  • Westbound : 3:00 – 7:00 PM
  • Eastbound : 5:30 – 9:30 AM

Outside the hours of toll operation, the express lanes become general-purpose lanes, free to use (HOV not required). The lanes are free, with no tolling on federal holidays. This express lane used to be HOV-2, but effective December 5, 2022, it is now HOV-3.

495 Express Lanes

495 Express has two dedicated toll roads from McLean to the 95/395 junction. This express section saves your time significantly. Just use it. 495 is also HOV-3. Three people in a car can travel free with E-ZPass Flex (must have HOV ON)

395 & 95 Express Lanes

The 395 Express runs from Edsall Road to the 14th Street Bridge in Washington, D.C. Drivers need an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex to use the Express Lanes. It is also a HOV-3 toll road.

Now, the 395 & 95 Express Lanes are tricky to use. The lanes are reversible. Make sure to study the schedule before planning your trip. The hours are not set in stone. Use their app or Twitter (X) to check the reversal schedule. But here is the approximate schedule.


  • Closed for reversal – 1am to 3am (except Monday)
  • Open northbound – 3am to 11am
  • Closed for reversal – 11am to 1pm
  • Open southbound – 1pm to 1am


  • Open southbound – 12am to 2pm
  • Closed for reversal – 2pm to 4pm
  • Open northbound – 4pm to 12am


  • Open northbound – 12am Sunday to 12am Monday

On weekdays, the Express Lanes are open toward DC and away from DC in the afternoon. That’s the easiest way to remember. In between, the toll roads are closed for about 2 hours for reversal.

Dulles Toll Road

The toll road connects the Capital Beltway (I-495) and Washington Dulles International Airport. Unlike 66 Express, Dulles Toll Road is 100% toll with an HOV lane during rush hours. Toll rates are flat. Dulles Toll accepts E-ZPass and Pay-by-Plate with a higher toll rate. Dulles Toll is HOV-2 from Route 28 to the main toll plaza, Monday through Friday between 6:30-9am eastbound, 4-6:30pm westbound.

Dulles Greenway

The Greenway provides a safe highway from Mainline Plaza/Dulles Airport to Leesburg Bypass, Route 15. The Greenway is the only toll road in Northern Virginia that accepts credit cards as acceptable payment.

Other Toll Roads in Virginia

Apart from Northern Virginia, there are several other toll roads in Virginia, including those in Richmond and Hampton Roads. More information on these toll roads will be covered in a separate post.


  • Powhite Parkway Extension (VDOT)
  • Powhite Parkway (RMTA)
  • Boulevard Bridge (RMTA)
  • Downtown Express (RMTA)
  • Pocahontas Parkway (Globalvia)

Hampton Roads

  • Coleman Bridge
  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
  • 64 Express Lanes
  • Elizabeth River Tunnels (Midtown Tunnel)
  • Elizabeth River Tunnels (Downtown Tunnel)
  • South Norfolk Jordan Bridge
  • Dominion Boulevard
  • Chesapeake Expressway

Final Thoughts

Finding basic information on toll roads in Northern Virginia was difficult. I spent hours researching and digging to find toll rates and up-to-date regulations. It makes it even more difficult because different public and private entities own and operate every toll facility. Each toll has its own rules, fees, and website. It’s crazy how unorganized they are, considering how much money they make from us. I made this page to help you get information quickly on toll roads in Northern Virginia.


  1. Does Virginia have toll roads?

    Yes. There are 20 toll roads in Virginia, and more are to come. Currently, there are 7 toll roads in Northern Virginia, 5 in Richmond, and 8 in Hampton Roads.

  2. How do I pay a missed toll in Virginia

    If you miss a toll in Virginia, you will receive an invoice by mail.

  3. How much is a Virginia toll violation?

    It depends because the Code of Virginia (Article 1.1. Toll Violations and Enforcement) gives toll operators to
    rights to collect a “reasonable.”
    administrative fee in addition to the unpaid toll.

    “The toll facility operator may impose and collect an administrative fee in addition to the unpaid toll to recover the expenses of collecting the unpaid toll, which administrative fee shall be reasonably related to the actual cost of collecting the unpaid toll and not exceed $100 per violation.”

    For example, for 66 toll roads, they charge unpaid toll + $1.50, which increases to $12.50 if you fail to pay.

  4. Can I Use E-ZPass on a Rental Car or a Truck?

    Yes. Just add the vehicle to your E-ZPass using their online dashboard. Make sure to remove it after returning it.
    The rented vehicle. If not, you will be billed if someone uses that vehicle in Express Lanes. It actually happened to me with a moving van I rented for a day. Be careful.

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