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Athletic Field Status

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Check field status - northern virginia

Check Today’s Field Status

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Whether it’s a soccer match, a baseball game, or a football tournament, the condition of the field can significantly impact player safety, game performance, and overall enjoyment. In Northern Virginia, where sports are an integral part of our community, the safety of athletes and our children should always be our top priority.

Prince William County field status

Online: None. Please use PWC Parks & Recs rain line.
Phone: 703-792-3282

Fairfax County Field Status

Online: Fairfax County field status
Phone: 703-324-5264

Loudoun County Field Status

Online: Loudoun County field status
Phone: 703-454-0011

Arlington County Field Status

Online: None. Arlington County provides text alert service for field closures.
Phone: 703-228-4715

Manassas City Field Status

Online: Athletic fields and daily conditions
Phone: 703-257-9237

Factors Affecting County Field Status

Several factors can impact the condition of county fields in Northern Virginia.

Weather ConditionsRain, snow, extreme temperatures, and other weather phenomena can cause excessive moisture, erosion, or damage to the turf. Field managers need to closely monitor weather forecasts and take appropriate measures to manage field conditions accordingly.
Maintenance (routine & emergency)Regular mowing, irrigation, fertilization, aeration, and pest control measures are essential to ensure healthy and playable fields. Neglecting these maintenance practices can result in overgrown grass, waterlogged fields, weed infestations, and other issues that affect field usability. Some fields are known for more frequent maintenance due to heavy usage.
Field Type (Natural or Synthetic)Natural grass fields require meticulous care, including regular mowing, watering, and aeration. Synthetic fields offer durability and require less maintenance. Natural grass fields are more likely to close for maintenance.
Factors affecting county field status

A Bit of Warning

In general, field use is prohibited during inclement weather or a rainy day. If you or your sports group uses the field when closed, and make any damage, you or your group may be held liable for field damage.

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