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VDOT Online Interactive Map Shows Where Snow Plows Are Operating

VDOT Snow Plowing Map - Featured

The residents of Virginia can monitor the progress of VDOT snow plowing operation using The Virginia Department of Transportation’s online interactive map.

LINK: VDOT Snow Plowing

The snow plowing map shows where snowplow trucks are located and which roads are being treated in real-time.

The map also offers interesting information on the operating vehicles/trucks when you click on one of the truck icons.

VDOT Snow Plowing Map
VDOT’s Snow Plowing Map shows vehicle information when clicked

In addition, if your neighborhood is being treated by a local contractor, it shows which snow plowing company is in operation.

VDOT Snow Plowing Map
Show that Clifton AHQ is plowing in this neighborhood

The users can enter the home address to find out the status of the snow clearing.

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