US Postal Service Major Delays

US Postal Service Delays - December 2020

December 2020 USPS Delay Updates

US Postal Service is unable to handle the “historic volume” of mail and packages, causing major delays in the US. The packages are already about three weeks behind as of today.

The packages are up to the ceiling. I’ve been in postal for 35 years, I’ve never seen what I’m seeing.

Nick Casselli, American Postal Workers Union president

  • USPS blames COVID-19 for the backlog.
  • Worst delays in the DMV areas.
  • eBay & Amazon sellers are inundated with refunds & return requests due to the USPS delays
  • I’ve experienced the delay myself. My packages sent on December 16th via Priority mail is still in “District Heights, MD”

Some of the complaints from the customers experiencing delays

Nice that a Priority package I am waiting for was shipped on 12/4 in Toledo, less than 40 minutes from my house, to go to Detroit, an hour from my house, to then sit there for 9 days and counting

A package was shipped to me on December 1. It sat in its first location for at least 15 days and is now sitting in its second location. I’ve tracked it. I’ve called. It’s now been in transit for 22 days. How can this possibly be considered ok? What can be done?

Epic Failure as usual. This just reinforces my policy to only use the USPS as an absolute last resort. It must be great to work for an company where people pay for packages to be delivered by a certain date that they constantly miss an there are no consequences for it.

You service is terrible and now I know why UPS is killing you guys. Two packages. One sent to my grandmother and one I am waiting for from someone mailed over two weeks ago and your tracking just has them stuck. “Going to be late”. Meanwhile UPS gets things here in two days.

I’m trying to be patient, I understand the conditions. But in December 15 I paid over $30 priority mail for one box to be sent to Brooklyn, NY from the SF Bay Area. It is now Dec 27, and it’s still in transit? I’m losing faith in the US post office.

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