Maryland Tax Holidays – Tax Free Week

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Our family moved to Maryland back in July of 2012 from Virginia. So here is the information about Maryland’s tax free week. The tax holiday starts on August 12th and ends on August 18th.

Just remember that not everything you want to purchase for your kids will not qualify. Only certain items under $100 will qualify for tax exemption, such as apparel and footwear. For example, sweaters, shirts, slacks, jeans, dresses, robes, underwear, belts, shoes, and boots priced at $100 or less qualify for tax exemption while accessories won’t.

I’m going to attach a document, “Frequently Asked Questions About Tax-Free Week. By the way, personally, I rarely shop offline. I usually shop at for tax-free items and free shipping, and usually it’s cheaper.

By the way, DC residents, there is not tax holidays in 2012. It was repealed back in 2010 because of the loss in sales tax revenues. No one know if it will happen again or not. If you live in DC, just shop online or drive to Maryland to shop during the week. But don’t waste your gas trying to save few dollars :)

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