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Select Health Districts in Virginia to Begin Vaccinating Group 1b

Virginia COVID-19 Vaccination Phase 1b

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) announced that some health districts in Virginia will begin Phase 1b of the COVID-19 vaccination plan beginning Monday, January 11.

Virginia’s Phase 1b

  • Frontline essential workers
  • Persons aged 75 years and older
  • People living in correctional facilities
  • Homeless shelters and migrant labor camps

Frontline Essential Workers

Due to the limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine, frontline essential workers will be vaccinated in the following order.

  1. Police, fire, and hazmat
  2. Corrections and homeless shelter workers
  3. Childcare/K-12 teachers/staff
  4. Food and agriculture (including Veterinarians)
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Grocery store workers
  7. Public transit workers
  8. Mail carriers (USPS and private)
  9. Officials needed to maintain continuity of government.

Persons aged 75 years and older

Vaccination will be offered through their healthcare provider or local health department.

Health Districts in Phase 1b

  • Alexandria
  • Arlington
  • Cumberland Plateau
  • Fairfax
  • Lenowisco
  • Lord Fairfax
  • Loudoun
  • Mount Rogers
  • New River
  • Prince William
  • Roanoke City/Alleghany

For more detailed information, please read the following document:

VDH COVID-19 Vaccine Phase 1b In Depth (PDF)

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