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school boundary locator

Every school district in Northern Virginia provides an online school locator and school boundary maps in PDF format. School locator tools identify schools that serve a particular address. If you need a more visual presentation of school district boundaries, use boundary maps provided by school districts.

A school locator is also called a “school boundary locator” or “school district boundary tool” depending on jurisdictions. Don’t get confused by them. They all provide similar services.

Alexandria City Public Schools

ACPS offers an all-in-one boundary locator – interactive boundary map, address search, print map, etc. You can also filter the results or select a school boundary by choosing a school name from the drop-down menu.

Link: Alexandria school boundary locator

Arlington County Public Schools

APS offers a map-based boundary locator tool. You can search for a school by address. There is no option to view the school boundary on the map. Instead, you can only click on the map to view which schools are assigned to that zone.

Link: Arlington County school boundary locator

City of Fairfax Schools

City of Fairfax Schools are managed by Fairfax County Public Schools. According to an agreement signed in 1962 “School Services Agreement” between the city and the county, FCPS is responsible for operating, hiring, and developing curriculum, while the City School Board is responsible for the management of the contract and the four city-owned school buildings. So if you need a school boundary locator, use FCPS’s online tool.

Fairfax County Public Schools

FCPS offers an all-text based school boundary locator on the web. The search results will show you which schools are within the boundary. The results will show you Advanced Academic Programs (AAP) centers. If you want to see the boundary map, you can download a PDF map from FCPS’s maps page. Link is provided below.

Link: Fairfax County school boundary locator
Link: Fairfax County school boundary map (PDF)

Falls Church City Public Schools

FCCPS officially separated from the Fairfax County school system in 1949 and became an independent school system. FCCPS is committed to maintaining its standing as the premier K-12 International Baccalaureate school system in the nation. There are 5 schools in the district: Jessie Thackrety Preschool, Mount Daniel ES, Oak Street ES, Mary Ellen Henderson MS, and Meridian HS. There’s no school locator for the city. Please use its base map to see the boundaries.

Link: City of Falls Church 2017 Base Map

Loudoun County Public Schools

LCPS uses a sophisticated school locator system. The search results is organized with extreme details. Shows the map as well.

Link: Loudoun County school locator

Manassas City Public Schools

MCPS has 9 schools within its school system – Baldwin ES, Dean ES, Haydon ES, Round ES, Weems ES, Mayfield & Baldwin Intermediate, Metz MS, and Osbourn HS. There’s only school boundaries for elementary schools.

Link: Manassas City elementary school boundaries (PDF)

Manassas Park City Schools

There are about 3500 students in 4 schools in the Manassas Park City Schools system – Cougar ES, Manassas Park ES, Manassas Park MS, and Manassas Park HS.

There’s no boundary map available.

Prince William Public Schools

PWCS offers a map-based school locator (aka, school assignment finder). The locator shows school assignments based on the address. The tool shows clear boundaries, but some may find it confusing. The search results are very small, hard to read.

Link: Prince William “Find Your School Assignment”

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  • What district is Falls Church High School in?

    Falls Church HS is in the Fairfax County Public Schools system. The school does not serve the City of Falls Church.

  • What is the largest public school system in Virginia?

    Fairfax County Public Schools with 200+ schools & centers, more than 180,000 enrolled students.

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