BWI Airplane Noise – How to File a Complaint

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This is getting crazy. I don’t think we had this problem few years ago, but now none of our family members can have a good night sleep because of the airplane noise from BWI. They fly so low our house trembles sometimes as if a train is passing by.

My daughter is having a sleep problem now. She wakes up so many times during night and early morning because of the airplane noise. It is now 8:30PM and there’s airplanes flying over our house every 2-3 minutes. This is just insane. It is worse in the morning. It starts around 6:00 AM.

I’m going to record a video of the airplanes and record the noise and post it here. Help me fight the noise. Here is how you can file a complaint about BWI airplane noise.

Call BWI noise hotline : 410 – 859 – 7021
Email :
Or use online complaint form

Also call your local/state/federal representatives about the noise if you can. If you don’t call them and complain, they will think everything’s fine. Help me fight the noise. Thanks.

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