INOVA Reduces COVID-19 Vaccine Appointments due to Supply Shortage

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A number of teachers and staff in Fairfax County Public Schools reported on January 22, that their COVID-19 vaccine appointments at INOVA were canceled due to vaccine shortage. At first, everyone thought it was just a scheduling system glitch. Eventually, the system was overloaded with people trying to reschedule which led to a server crash.

INOVA released a statement

Due to a decrease in vaccine allocation, we are temporarily reducing appointment availability over the coming weeks. Vaccine supply is fluid across the country, and we are matching currently scheduled appointments to anticipated inventory.

At this time we are honoring those who have current appointments. Should our vaccine supply not be sufficiently replenished, we will suspend initial appointments (first doses) for eligible individuals in 1b and prioritize those who require their second vaccine dose in the weeks to come. As vaccine supply increases, we will open more appointments. 

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