What information needs to be included on invoices?

In order to receive payment, vendors are required to provide the parent with an invoice or statement for services rendered. The parent will then upload this invoice into the ClassWallet platform, submitting for approval by the Virginia Department of Education and subsequent payment. No handwritten documentation will be accepted. As a reminder, all payments must be made after services have been rendered.

To be considered for approval, the invoice must include the following:

  • Vendor/Business/Individual/Provider Information
  • Student First and Last Name
  • Parent First and Last Name
  • Parent Address
  • Invoice or PO Number (numbering system established by the vendor)
  • Date of Invoice
  • Date of Service (NOT a date range, individual service dates must be listed)
  • Description of Service or Good
  • Quantity of Service or Good
  • Subject Area
  • Amount of Payment (if more than one child, list separately)