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Fairfax County Tax Due Dates

Fairfax County Tax Due Dates

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Finding simple information like tax due dates on The Department of Tax Administration (DTA)’s website is not so easy. This page is made to provide all important tax-related dates for the residents of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Tax Due Dates (2023)

Real Estate Tax

  • First installment due: July 28
  • Second installment due: December 5

Vehicle “Car” Taxes and Fees

  • For existing vehicles and newly regisered vehicles before July 1: October 5

Business Taxes

  • Business, Professional & Occupational License (BPOL) renewal and payment due: March 1
  • Business tangible personal property tax due: October 5

Dog Licenses

  • License renewal and payment due: January 31

Penalty for Late Payment (PLP) of Tax Dues

  • Real Estate Tax – 10% of the amount due. 1% per year interest.
  • Vehicle Tax – 10% of the amount due, 25% after 45 days. 5% per year interest.
  • BPOL Tax – 10% for late filing, and 10% for late payment. 5% per year interest.
Fairfax County Car Tax Late Payment Penalty
I was 1 day late, and got 10% penalty. It happens.

How to Pay Taxes & Fees


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