Ear Infection or Just Ear Wax?

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About a week ago, Candice was signing us that she was having some pain in both of her ears. She was really irritated that she couldn’t do anything about them. She’d hit her ears with both hands and just cry. I was suspecting ear infection because we went swimming several times last week. I thought she may have caught something while swimming.

We went to see a pediatrician in our town the next day. He looked at her ears for about 10 seconds and took out huge pieces of ear wax buildups from both of her ears. I’ve never seen such thing in my life. It was black and about a size of my thumbnail.

I felt really bad about that thinking how painful it was for her to have that awful ear wax buildup on both of her ears for many many months. Fortunately, she didn’t have any ear infection, but we learned our lesson. I’m not sure if it is recommended that parents remove any ear wax buildups from their child’s ear, but I think I can handle it.

By the way, do you know how much we paid for 10 minutes of doctor visit? $220 with discounts. Yes we don’t have health insurance right now. We are currently shopping for one. We used to have Kaiser for long time, but the premium increased %150 literally over night; never heard of such increase.

So check your child’s ears often for ear wax buildups using a small flash light. It works great. When it needs to be removed, go see your doctor or get instructions from your doctor. Don’t let it buildup!

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