Pokemon Shuffle Friend Code Swap

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If you need friends to send/receive mini hearts for Pokemon Shuffle, post your friend code here. Also, include your region. I just cleaned up my shuffle friends list. I have about 9 spots open. NA / ST8Y-TJ6E

Free Firefall Beta Keys

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If you are looking for a Firefall beta key, just let me know. I have 2 free beta keys. Nothing to signup to get the keys from me. Just leave a comment and the first 2 people to ask get the keys. Please post your email address so I can send you the invitation. After I send out the key … Read More

Minecraft Premium Account Scam

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One of my hobbies is online gaming so I have to talk about this scam. There are many sites offering free Minecraft premium accounts. Let me explain to you how it works so you don’t fall into a scam. These site owners will ask you to take certain actions, such as sign up for free offers, do survey, install a … Read More