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Box Tops for Education – Bulk Lots

Buy Box Tops for Education Bulk Lot

Box Tops for Education school fundraisers continued during the pandemic. It is still an excellent way to support your child’s school.

A few times a year, some schools run Box Tops drive competitions between the classes. My daughter’s school was no exception. Her teachers made a big deal of the Box Tops drive, offering prizes for the winning class. Don’t get me wrong, the prizes were nothing more than an extra 30-minute recess and a pajama day – kids would do anything for extra recess time.

My daughter’s school earned over $1,200 through Box Tops fundraising

My daughter’s class placed second overall. Her class only needed 50 Box Tops to take the first place. If I knew I could buy the Box Tops clips on eBay, I’d have purchased the clips for her class.

Buy Box Tops for Education for Sale

Tips on Buying Box Tops on eBay

Here is a list of things to remember when buying BTFE on eBay

  • Check if BTFEs are expired – if it’s not mentioned on the offer page, skip.
  • If the prices are similar, choose a clean-trimmed BTFE offer.
  • Do not overpay – although it is much cheaper than buying products for BTFEs, let’s be smart about our purchases. The competition on BTFE lots is fierce on eBay. As of today, there are 204 live listings with over 1,400 Box Tops lots sold during the last 3 months. It will be challenging to find a good deal, but you can still do it.
  • Buy from a seller with high ratings and feedback.
  • Be careful with Free Shipping offers – free shipping is really not free. Your shipping cost is just added to the item cost.

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