Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot is THE Hottest Toy for Boys

Don’t waste your time looking for this 16″ giant Bat Bot at your local toy stores. Parents are waiting in lines to get the Bat Bot for their kids and probably they will never get one from a retail store. Even Fisher-Price announced that they are out of stock until 2015.

This is one of the coolest Batman toys I’ve seen this year so far. It has all the features that kids love : remote controlled transformation into a tank with over 100 sound effects, fancy lights, rotating arms, and yes… it’s HUGE.

The robot comes fully assembled and does come with batteries for the main-bot unit. But you do need to purchase two AAA batteries for the remote control. Unlike other toys, it will be easy to pull it out of the packaging box.

Unlike other toys with plastic tires, Batbot comes with real rubber-coated wheels.

It was selling for $180 – $200 since November 2014, but Amazon just received a big shipment from Fisher-Price and settled down the price at $64.99. Once Amazon runs out of their inventory, you will have to purchase from a 3rd party seller and you will have to spend over $100 at least. So grab one before Amazon sells out of the Batbot.

If you are lucky, you can find it at a Walmart, but they never have enough in stock especially during the peak shopping season. As of writing, this Batman toy is #1 in Toys & Games, Action & Toy Figures category at Amazon, which means they are selling probably 1 in every 10 minute or so.

Get it here while it lasts : Fisher-Price Imaginext Batbot

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